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My name is Lindsay Hart and I have been a Spiritual Healer for the past 30 years. This is not something I went looking for – it found me. I discovered I had the gift of healing & could not ignore it especially after seeing how I was able to help people with deep seated problems at the sub-conscious level. Many people have negative experiences and these experiences are stored at the sub-conscious level & have a profound effect on the person throughout their lives.


I release past traumas and negativity from the sub-conscious mind which will have a life changing effect. This is just part of what I do. My gift enables me to tune in psychically to areas within the body that need healing. I feel the symptoms on my own body which helps confirm my diagnosis. Healing energy is channelled through me from a higher source to balance the body and remove the root cause of the disease.


Spiritual Healing is also a great modality for stress relief of the mind and the body. The healing energy goes to the cellular level of the body and to the sub-conscious level of the mind. The Mantra (Om Namah Shiva) helps to take you to a deeper level to bring a calming effect to the mind, body and soul.


I believe there is a place for Natural Therapies along with Traditional Medicine. I recently had the good fortune to listen to Bruce Lipton, a cellular Biologist who has done pioneering work on epigenetics, talking on the effects of the energy of our beliefs at the cellular level. I can highly recommend “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. To me, he provides a strong link between science and the work that I do. I welcome any discussion on your opinions through email or on my Facebook page Lindsay Hart Natural Therapist.


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