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In Love
Physical and emotional Trauma

Anzac Day

          100 years to this day, 100 tears as we pray.

To remember their courage that was so great,

We remember the 25th for that's the date.

The morning has started as the sun is downing,

We look to the east as they rest in peace.

The people gather every year,

Just to remember and shed a tear.

For we all have lost someone near,

defending the cause and showing no fear.

The mighty battles that were one and lost,

Are marked by the fallen with a cross.

Not all people names are known,

although they are not forgotten or alone.

For in our hearts we give them love,

for they now dwell in god's house above.

The rat's of Tabruk are so great,

because of their hopeless nature that was their fate.

To strive for peace in a land so far away,

it must be hard when they remember those days.

The Vet's now can march strong and free,

for they have been recongnized by you and me.

Its the same message for both young and old,

that piece does not come without a told.

For all those who have fallen to this day,

we honour you in the usually way.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.

" lest we forget"



As a healer of 30 years I have seen the aspect of past lives in us today. This poem was written about a past life by two souls in this life.


Soul 1

You left me standing on the stone wall that day.

My arms limp from your embrace, my heart bleeding droplets deep as the ocean.

Your ruffled sleeves billowed white like the sails. Your face shone with passion for the journey.

Proud and strong were your words, when you first revealed your plan.

He has granted us ships, you boasted! Your skin could not contain your ambition.

Your deep soulful eyes ablaze with fire, basking in the forum of the king.

I gaze at you, concealing my selfish desires, and the small life I hold within.

To celebrate with you the fulfilment of your quest.

You penetrated me with your love and I knew then, I could only let you go.

Many moons have passed us now our son is almost a man.

He has collected antiques from the sea while his mother waited.

He has learned to swim like a fish while his mother waited.

He has taken a jib to sail while his mother waited.

He too, has eyes deep as the ocean and a glow for the journey.

Sometimes the grey seagull brings me a gift from you. An old piece of twine, a scrap of fabric.

I try to imagine where you are, and then your warmth fills my body as if you had never gone.

The old witch on the hill says many centuries from now you will return to me.

Although I am not sure of her ways.

The truth for me lies only in the heavens, deep as the ocean and when I stare out at the glistening jewels of night, I know you are there.

Soul 2

As I left you standing on the stone wall that day, your bleeding heart as a reminder of what you could not say.

Your soulful eyes told me of your journey within, it gave me courage and passion for my own journey to begin.

What lay ahead for me was a mystery to unfold, for you made me feel strong and bold.

Both our journeys would be a battle to the end, and I know I could only travel with you as a soulful friend.

With my eyes ablaze with fire we set forth for our hearts desire.

To discover the new world so far away, I needed a reminder so that I could return one day.

As a symbol of our love, you carried the seed blessed by God up above.

Many miles are between us now; time seems to elude me somehow.

You are reflected in the breeze, as you fill our sails to carry us over the seas.

New ports, new harbours, new places are a part of my journey now; it often makes me question my life somehow.

One day our son will read about me, as history was always a part of my destiny.

I changed my life for fortune and fame, as the passion for discovery ruins deep in my veins.

Many centuries from now I will return to thee, and journey along as it need be.


“Baiami” - ‘The Birth of Munda Dreaming’ (Earth)

In the beginning the earth was desolate with no vegetation, no living creatures and cold;

The winds blew over the jiggered and lonely mountains without a soul.

Baiami stillness was broken out into the plans that opened up to the deserts with no rains:

Baiami called for the Goddess Spirit Walla-Gudjail-Wan to renew the earth if she can. Walla-Gudjail-Wan is the spirit of light; and her spirit saturated the earth with the presence of life.

Baiami then awoke Durlunggur; The Great Rainbow Serpent that he knew from birth.

With the strength of 100,000 young men with his large body moving throughout the earth;

Creating the mountains, the rivers, Billabongs the waves and the surf.

 Durlunggur now created the earth.

Baiami then called to the Wandjina Spirit; to create the vegetation and everything within it.

The trees, the shrubs, the grasses, the ferns and palms; the flowers and plants in her outstretched arms.

The earth now breathed in warm light although not complete; Baiami now walked endlessly with tied feet.

To bring to the earth all the animals anew; Creating the Snake, Crocodiles, Dingoes, Echidnas, Platypus, Lizards, Birds, Fish and Kangaroos.

The earth then took another breath on command; and out of the big dust storm came Women and Man.

Man and Women were now on the earth; to go forth and bring children through birth.

Baiami now spoke to them and decreed; “Live at one with the earth, your brothers and Animals” and your soul will be freed.

Baiami was now filled with content; For he had created and gave life to “Munda”(earth) that was heaven sent.

With great respect and great love the birth of “Munda” now thrives on LOVE.


Soul of the Rose


Locked behind the palace walls,

lost is my freedom that I once recall.

A prisoner for life I have come to know,

restricted in feelings that want to grow.

As I search around the palace grounds,

lost in a corner the climbing rose abounds.

Full of life it clings to the stone wall,

its thorney branches make it grow tall.

The soul of the rose touches my heart,

and draws me so close that we will never part.

As I stand in its grace with respect and love,

a feeling of freedom comes from up above.

It's fragerance draws me ever so near,

bringing love to my heart that I have always feared.

As my tender lips embrace the rose,

It's fragence permeate's me down to my toes.

The feeling of love is all around me,

The soul of the rose has now encapulated me.

My feelings of freedom is now restored,

the love for myself I will now endure.

Low self  esteem

Our Land


As we sit here upon the ground,

with all of the tribe gathered around.

Our ancestors have also been sitting here for the last 2000 years.

We seek to show you our own dream time,

when the spirit hero's came from the skies.

The snake, wallaby and the kangaroo, are all apart of the way that  we knew.

With night now fairly advanced,

the tribe paint up for a corrabaree of ritual song and dance.

The click of the sticks and the sound of the didgeridoo,

we stamp our feet to make the sound complete.

With our bodies smeared with pigment oils to make us shiny and black,

We dance to the music both forth and back.

Our movements are all together,

for this is how we make the interpretation last for ever.

Our message is quite unique,

for it allows us to display what we seek.

For we are the true owners of the land,

for it is written in the dream time by our ancestors hands.


Head down, temple aching, heart bleeding, pulse racing;

Trapped in my world beyond pity and sorrow, how can I move on as I feel no tomorrow.

My guardian angel that walks with me, I have closed the door on her setting me free.

Strength in my hair as it falls from my face, trapped in my world of dishonour and disgrace.

Dark clouds looming all around me, please send me the angel of compassion to set me free.

Oh hear my call from within your heart, let me entre your darkness so it can now depart.

Let me feel your mind, body and soul, let me be your Angle of Compassion to light your darkness and the beauty that you hold.

Feel my presence that is wrapped around you, connect with my heart that beats with yours too.

Feel the warmth that comes from within, feel the compassion for your new day to begin.

I now feel no darkness or dishonour, no pity or sorrow as I can now face tomorrow.

Let’s look at life through our compassionate eyes, through love, understanding and compromise.

The angle of compassion can be your guide, open your heart and become more wise.


The tormented look that is on his face;

as he stands at the corner in all of his grace.

Music is his life and that’s all he knows;

That’s why he comes to dispel his woes.

He brings life to the streets for all that go past;

He lives in the memories that cannot last.

He plays his songs from an old repertoire;

Of when he was young and an up coming star.

Although life has past him all so fast;

He has his memories that come from the past.

He will continue to play for however long;

The Golden Memories drive him on.

Elusive Trout

I am tormented by the elusive trout; by the way he keeps avoiding me and catching me out.

I have come to the stream again, to try my luck and to play his game.

I stand just over here, south of the waterfall and in the clear.

I have plenty of room to cast my pole, I am sure he is just over there in the deepest hole.

As the clear blue water gushers about, all I dream of is that elusive trout.

With my silver lure at the end of my line, I cast out one more time.

It lands just north of the deepest hole, and I begin to wind with body and soul.

It’s my last chance to catch the elusive trout today, it is now getting dark and I have to be on my way.

As the line becomes taught and I feel the weight, I now dream of that elusive trout on my dinner plate.

And then with a fling, the elusive trout has done his thing.

As the line now becomes limp he has got away, that elusive trout will live another day.


The Dreaming – Peggeralin

In the Dreamtime, Three elders sat talking about how beautiful the world was. Their names were Noyang (Eel), Chippia (Duck) and Werkin – Puntyaiya (fish and Turtle). As they talked, the sun was setting in the distance and an Old Spirit called Nurumbunguttia spoke to the Three Elders. “Why do you sit here looking happy?” The Elders all spoke in unison, “Can you see how beautiful the earth is?” “Baiami has given men and animals a special gift that no one or thing could compare,” they exclaimed. The Spirit then asked them ”you are not immortals, you will all die, and you won’t be around forever to enjoy it!” “No, you are right!” the Three Elders said. “We will die but our Spirit will be remembered by our future offspring’s!” they said.

The Elders turned to Nurumbunguttia (Old Spirit) and said something very special, “ Hla Thorkaninde”, which means “Do not let it go” This is the gift of the Dreaming, do not let it go, appreciate Aboriginal culture, through dance, art or simply appreciating the beauty of the land. It is a gift to all by the Great Spirit, Baiami, this is the true meaning of the Dreaming.

Story from Kalkadoon Tribal Groupings.