Lindsay Hart has been an amazing mentor, healer and friend to me for many years. His depth of knowledge, skills and hands on healing together with his compassion, care and kindness is remarkable.

Lindsay has the ability to diagnose ailments and maladies of any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual basis and come up with the perfect healing remedy.

Lindsay was able to tune into my psyche and diagnosed various limbic, adrenal and emotional imbalances. His wide range of natural remedies which healed me included homeopathy, Australian Bush Flower Essences, esoteric hands on and absent healing as well as advising me on the astrological phenomena of the time which affected me on various levels.

I am deeply grateful for Lindsay's wonderful holistic healing gifts, his warm receptivity, wisdom and wish for balance and harmony for all who seek his help.



I first met Lindsay many years ago when he was helping my mum through his work.  I saw first hand how his work was changing peoples lives.  His spiritual healing is amazing and so spot on.  My mum used his abilities as a healer for 15 years for her cancer and other ailments and the homeopathic and bush flower remedies really helped her keep on top of things.  I have personally experienced Lindsay's abilities and highly recommend him to anyone.




Lindsay Hart has been my Spiritual Healer for many years. His healing methords are very powerful and always promote significant healing on all levels. My heart is always beaming when I leave his practice.




I am writing to highly recommend Lindsay Hart as a Spiritual Healer and Natural Therapist.

Lindsay was recently recommended to me and I am so happy that I have had three sessions of spiritual healing with him. These sessions have changed my life in so many positive ways. Lindsay also gave me some Bush Essence drops to take which helped greatly with my healing journey.

 If you want to change your life so that you have more energy, sleep better, feel more positive and serene, feel centred, have help to shift stored up anger about things from the past and handle stress more calmly when pressures arise in the present – then I cannot recommend Lindsay more highly. These sessions have been life changing for me and my husband. I have even had friends say to me ‘Jill you seem so centred and calm’.

 I am so very grateful to Lindsay for the amazing outcomes that his sessions have helped me to achieve in my life. My husband has also noticed the change in me and is very pleased at having such a positive wife. He also feels that our life together is so much more serene and enjoyable. I feel the best I have felt in my entire life.

Don’t hesitate to contact Lindsay if you want to change your life for the better also.

                                                                                                                                               Jill M


My family and I have been going to Lindsay for spiritual healings for over 15 years now.

We have benefited immensely from his deep perception and his loving flow of energy. His Spiritual healings definitely take you deeper, releasing emotional blocks and balancing the body.Amazing changes take place.

I could not recommend Lindsay’s services more highly for his integrity and the wonderful gift he shares so willingly and open heartedly.We are so very grateful for the many times you have helped me and my family. Best investment I make in a year is your Healings.



I have been using bushflower essences for my animals for many years now with the guidance of Lindsay Hart. Lindsay's knowledge as well as his spiritual healing ability has help my furry babies from a range of ailments including constipation, tummy upsets, feline leukemia, cancer, loss and grief and personality clashes.  As with humans and animals the symptom is not the cause, the cause is underlying and if you don't get to the bottom of it you won't be able to fix it.  I would highly recommend his services to anyone that wants to naturally help their animals with complimentary medicine and his spiritual healing gift.




I sought healing recently after the sudden passing of my soul mate of 23 years. The emotional roller coaster that grief brings often gives too much attention to negative feelings such as regret, guilt and fear. The healing experience Lindsay provides is hard to put into words. There is no magic wand to fix things when a loved one passes ... but I do know that the healing I've received has helped me feel more settled, more at peace. These sessions were amazing and a very spiritual experience, that has helped me let go of many of the negative feelings and thoughts. Lindsay is a truly gifted man, I would recommend this healing to any who are lost and emotional.




Writing this testimonial is a privilege. Lindsay is a rare and special soul who we are blessed to have in our lives.

 Lindsay truly has a healing gift. We can all heal ourselves on some level if we are willing to work on ourselves through meditational practices, reflection and deep insight into our lives; making change on an emotional level and thus cellular and physical level. Only the very few have done this in many past lives and are now able to work healing others. Lindsay's gift of healing came naturally to him, he didn't learn it in this lifetime from a practitioner; his gift is genuine and comes from spirit. With spirit working through him, his healing works on clearing the subconscious mind of trauma and negative emotional experiences from this lifetime or past lifetimes, and in turn, miracles of the physical body often occur. By working through the chakras, blockages are removed. As our chakras work more effectively we experience both physical and emotional improvements.I have witnessed Lindsay's healing through myself, my family and friends, colleagues and acquaintances that I have referred. I tell everyone I can about Lindsay, as I feel that his healing gifts are so powerful he can help everyone on some level.

 I have now known Lindsay for 10 years. I had a background of spiritual belief, through a curiosity in psychic mediumship which came from my parents, but I had never really thought about how these things work. At that time I had a one year old daughter, who is a miracle in herself, and I had just lost my mother to cancer. I had physical problems due to the pregnancy and birth complications and was grief stricken at losing my mother. My massage therapist and I would talk about spiritual things and she gave me Lindsay's number, which she had received from another client. That seems to be the way it is for Lindsay at the moment (referral by 'word of mouth') but one day I know he will be branched out to help people on a bigger scale and our access to his healing gifts on an individual basis won't be the same. At that time Lindsay's healing helped me release from my body stored emotion from the loss of my mother, past childhood trauma, and unresolved past relationship emotions. Emotionally I was able to function again and I also had physical improvement. I would lay on Lindsay's table and mostly cry as he would work through my chakras with the help of his spirit guides and spirit healers. I knew that something was happening and I could feel a presence in the room but at that time I didn't know what was really occurring. Sometimes I would feel a release and sometimes I would feel emotionally exhausted but wake up the next morning feeling like weights had been lifted. It worried me that I couldn't feel the energy moving through me during the healing treatment and that I wouldn't visualise the things that Lindsay could see. I knew that other people could feel the adjustments in the body and had profound visions during the healings, but I didn't. At that time I wasn't aware that I was releasing anger from my pancreas or guilt from stomach - I just felt better. Lindsay would say 'did this happen in your childhood' or 'I saw this, what does that mean?'. As the years past, through my own spiritual awareness, exploration and spiritual practices I began to feel energy moving through my body in both Lindsay's healings and in my own healing work on myself. I also sometimes now have visions during Lindsay's healing or my own meditation. Through Lindsay's healings I have released past life traumas that I wasn't aware of, which have had a direct effect on improvements in my physical body. I don't make an appointment to see Lindsay and say 'ok today we are going to release a past life'. Lindsay doesn't control what the healing can bring and neither do I. He has the gift, I have an ailment and spirit is in charge of the rest. I suffer from digestive problems which we haven't been able to get to the root cause of and sometimes I will make an appointment due to the physical pain I am feeling with that and the healing result will be a past life trauma which is linked to something occurring in my life at that moment. Like the healing releasing the pain in my hip that had been there for many years and which is now gone. Spirit knows what we need and takes the opportunity to heal what is needed for our highest good. I think the healings work on what is needed most at that time. I believe pain and emotions are stored in our aura and manifested into ailments in our body. My husband suffers from migraines and each time he has a healing with Lindsay his migraine is taken away but other things surface too and are released, like his withheld emotions, his neck realigned or an unresolved relationship issue.Lindsay's healings occur on all levels. The healing will occur naturally through Lindsay but the more in tune you are with yourself the more intensified the healing can be.

 Why didn't I find Lindsay before I lost my mother so that he could try and heal her cancer? Why didn't I find Lindsay before I went through IVF to have my daughter and went through a traumatic pregnancy where we both almost died? I have seen Lindsay's healing at work with other people who have cancer and know of others who fell pregnant after Lindsay's healings. Why do I still suffer from my digestive ailments but have had so many other things healed? I don't know....but spirit is in control. Maybe it is karma that has to be played out? Maybe I haven't learnt what I need to learn yet? Maybe I keep manifesting it back again? The healing doesn't always come out on a physical or an emotional level. The healing occurs on levels we aren't even aware of. I do know though, that Lindsay is the medium through which spirit can heal on profound levels and we are all blessed that Lindsay is capable of being the vehicle that can channel this for the Devine good of each of us...and we are lucky that he has devoted his life to helping us all in our individual journeys.

 I am blessed from the healing that I have received.



Pranic Healing

 “The power of Spiritual Healing truly is the Key to spiritual unfoldment”