Treatments Available

Spiritual Healing

Through my gift of healing, I am able to channel healing energy from spirit by entering a semi-trance state. The healing energy comes through me, not from me, and works on the human energy fields. I work at the deep sub-conscious level to release old energy patterns, blockages and negativity accumulated from this life as well as past lives. Gifted with the art of being a medium, I finish my healings with messages from spirit in the form of advice and counseling. This enables a complete healing and the results will be felt both physically and emotionally.

Absent Healings

Through my gift of healing, I give distant healings for people all over the world and their location is irrelevant. I arrange a mutually agreeable time for the person to lie down and I do a meditation on them from my healing rooms. Clients will feel the energy flowing through the body while the healing is occurring. A report of my intuitive findings will be emailed to you.


Home Energy Clearings

Through my gift of healing, I am able to clear negative energies and earthbound spirits. I also use crystals to set up positive energy grids to sustain the clearing and bring peace and harmony to your area.


Negative Energy Healings

Through my gift of healing, I am able to clear negative spirits, psychic attacks or interference to you from outside influences. You may be experiencing extreme personality changes, nightmares, disturbed sleep, depression, outbursts of anger and violence, extreme tiredness and lack of energy or even hear voices.


Complementary Medicines

I  use natural complementary remedies including Australian Bush Flower Essences and homeopathic remedies to support the healing process.


Kerry E

 Is a great Medium Clairvoyant with extraordinary vision and foresight only because she is so connected to the God within. KerryE connects very strongly with friends and relatives in spirit,  and is a messenger between connecting souls and YOU. Kerry E does a meditation before you come to see her, and provides the answers that you need to know for your spiritual growth and well being. Kerry E is available for sittings at her Springwood Home in Queensland Australia and you can contact her on PH (07) 32995588.

Past Life Regression
Kerrry E