Description of Treatment

As you drive down the Laneway you will be taken by the visual setting and the peace of the laneway. This environment helps you to relax and know that there is a special place that you can come to find peace and healing within yourself.


As you enter my waiting room you will continue to feel the ambiance of the laneway as I join you to discuss why you have come. This discussion is kept in the strictest of confidence.


To assist me with your diagnosis I will look into your aura and see what colours are around you and I also feel your symptoms on me. We will discuss what is happening in your life at this time and your spiritual journey. You will hear music playing in the background which is a Mantra from Siddha Yoga “Om Namah Shivia” (which is a primal sound and a resolution to our inner bounds). I use this mantra to bring relaxation to you and it helps to take you to a deeper level.


Healings take many forms and it can be in the physical body or in the subconscious mind with a release of present or past life negative experiences. As you enter my Healing room you will notice pictures of Christ, Guides and Guru’s as well as beautiful coloured glass which represents the energy centres. As you lay down (fully clothed) I will ask you to listen to the mantra and to witness your thoughts. I will then enter a semi-trance state and you will hear my breathing alter to pranic breathing. Guides and healers will now join me for your healing.


As I put my hands on your feet, healing energy will start to move through your body. As you listen to the mantra you will feel a shift in your level of consciousness and you may be witnessing some of your thoughts from this life or from a past life. It is releasing the subconscious that brings about healing in the physical body. On a physical level you may feel your body being manipulated or moved back into a straight alignment as the healing progresses. At the completion of the treatment you will feel relaxed, de-stressed, lighter and a general sense of well being.


Once the Healing is completed we will discuss your experience within the treatment as well as my findings. If complementary medicines are needed they will be prescribed for your ongoing support. If follow up healings are needed then this will also be discussed.


Over the last 30 years I have been healing many people- from the unborn to the elderly, treating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.


“The power of spiritual healing truly is one of the most important aspects of spiritual unfoldment.”


 As with me, you too can push through your sickness, illness and emotions to unfold your own spiritual journey. It is up to you, ever changing ever evolving.

Holistic Healing